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Plum broth

12 April 2014 @ 15:48

learnt that # à # means “# to #”, ex. 7 - 2 or 9 to 7.

learnt the words fräsa “quickly/lightly fry”
passera “strain” (as in a colander)
ösa “pour”, in this case “pour (the mixture) into a container”

learnt that D : o : (or d.o. or whatever) stands for “ditto”. In the case above, it means “the recipe in this paragraph is for the same thing as the paragraph directly above (tomato sauce), it’s just another version of tomato sauce”.

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10 April 2014 @ 16:37


I registered for the TISUS the other day, today I got an email saying “thanks, we’ll send you more info later”, now I clicked to read all the guidelines for passing since I was too scared to before (except for the reading one)…. HUGE RELIEF.

The writing section is “write 400 words or a bit more on a general topic we assign, Swedish-Swedish dictionary available”. 400 words is like three paragraphs! and they’re going to give me like 2.5 hours to write this plus giving me an “inspiration paper” that has some quotes and stuff about the topic!

The speaking section is “we’ll give you a topic beforehand and you should research about it and learn some vocab for it, and then you’ll do a little conversation speaking with another test-taker and a little alone speaking”. So, exactly the same testing style as in Iceland and SFI except they actually give you the topic some days before the exam and not just during the exam.

An example topic was “what about work, what can you do if you’ve chosen the wrong career? should the government choose careers for people or should people choose for themselves?” sort of stuff. and the so-called keywords you should know is just stuff like “unemployment”, “job market”.

so… really, really easy. a lot easier than i thought. i thought it was going to be a few pages of essay and you were supposed to conduct yourself reaaally well on the spoken exam (almost fluently). unfortunately their video example of a passing spoken exam doesn’t work…

the exam is in almost exactly a month from now… so i have to start speaking only in swedish at home, and writing a lot more in swedish… i know i keep saying i have to do that but i just haven’t done it out of laziness.


Tack för din anmälan till Tisus den 6-7 maj 2014!

Ungefär två veckor före provet skickar vi ut information om tider, platser samt de muntliga ämnen som du ska förbereda.

På tisdag den 6 maj börjar vi med att alla anmälda gör läsprovet med start klockan 09.00 och det skriftliga provet med start klockan 11.00. Det muntliga provet görs sedan i grupper om 2-3 studenter på tisdag eftermiddag (och slutar senast 18.00) eller onsdag (med start tidigast 09.00). Det tar cirka 30-40 minuter.

Det finns ett typprov finns på hemsidan: http://www.nordiska.su.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=2570

Vänliga hälsningar

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08 April 2014 @ 18:56

Ja visst gör det ont

I was told that there’s a famous poem written by a lady from our town, here is an audio recording of it. and here’s the swedish text.

And here I translated it (as best as I was able, anyway - I’m never ever going to be a fiction or poetry translator because it’s so difficult for me and there’s so many words i don’t know etc). anyway, it’s about springtime, 90% sure i translated some words wrong but i reaaaally don’t care:

Yes, certainly it pains when buds burst.
Why should, otherwise, spring hesitate?
Why should all our hot longing
be bound in the frozen, bitter-blanch?
The shell was indeed the bud, the whole winter.
What is this newness, that consumes and busts?
Yes, certainly it pains when buds burst,
pain for that which grows
                              and that which ends.

Yes, difficult enough it is when drops fall.
Shuddering of anxiety, heavily they hang,
clinging themselves to the branches, swelling, gliding -  
the weight draws them downwards, how they cling (together).
Difficult to be uncertain, scared and divided,
difficult to feel the deep draw and call,
even so, sitting, remaining, and simply trembling -  
difficult to wish to stay
                              and wish to fall.

Then, when it is worst and nothing helps,
Bursting, as in jubilation, the tree’s buds,
fall in a glitter of the branch’s drops
forgetting that they were scared of the new
forgetting that they were worried for the trip -
feeling (for) a second their greatest safety,
resting in the trust
                              that creates the world.

in other news, today i watched a swedish documentary about a woman who was a fitness rehabilitator and then after she had two kids who had some strange thing where it made it increasingly difficult to walk throughout their lives, finally when the kids were about 20 she shot them and then shot herself and they all three died… now i might watch one about how the M16 and the CIA were going to build an underground tunnel beneath Berlin for spys during the cold war

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07 April 2014 @ 22:19

why i'm not getting any better at swedish

wife: jag oroar mig hur mkt jag vill 👻 skaru äta nå mer ida (I'll worry myself as much as I want. shall u eat sumthing more 2day?)
me: nejjjj (nooo)
wife: tjockis (fatty)
fetto (fatso)
me: du är tjockisen (you're the fatty)
wife: hihihihi 🍪🍩🍫
har du tillräckligt me thé (do you have 'nough tea)
me: jepp (yep)
wife: (jag ska stava allting fel på svenska så du måste tänka mkt) (I'll spell everything wrong in swedish so you have to think a lot)
ja kanske kommr ut om en stund ('ll mayB come out in a while)
men ska titta på lite fler videor o gå på toa etc..... (but shall look at a few more videos & go to the bathroom etc...)
förrexten är d nåra roliga texter i mitt texthäfte från kursen (btw there's sum funny passages in my textbook from the course)
med Z och sånt (with Z and such)
som du gillar (that you like)
me: jippi! (yippe!)
wife: o typ dom skrev Z för "eth"/"edh" (& like they wrote Z for "eth/edh")
vet inte om du vet de redan (dunno if you already know)
så det står "mz" (so it says "mz")
men d betyder "med" (medh) (but it means "medh" (with))
me: nej, det visste jag inte (no, that i didn't know)
"Har du ingen egenskap som du är stolt över? ("don't you have some trait that you're proud of?")
– Jag är kritiskt. Det är en mycket positiv egenskap här i Sverige där alla säger “Bää, bää, bää”. Jag säger till när något är slut eller fattas i matbutiken." ("I am critical. that's a very positive trait here in sweden where everyone says "baa, baa, baa". I let it be known when something has run out or is missing in the grocery store.")
wife: oj vilket mod (wow what courage)

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06 April 2014 @ 17:04

stuff i’ve learnt

musik, det är roligt det!
du är dum, du!
han är en riktig snygging, han!

"why do you repeat it?" because in swedish it’s the same as "he’s real handsome, he is”. it’s just that you can’t say är/is afterwards (unless you say “that he is” instead of just “he (is)”)

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06 April 2014 @ 13:50

also this one


/dances away (p.s. i don’t care about that previous song but my wife loves it)

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06 April 2014 @ 13:48

….. guess i could have just played this song and said “i don’t want to waste my life with tumblr culture and possibly become a tumblr person” instead of ranting

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06 April 2014 @ 13:19

just unfollow people
Out of all of my accounts, I’m following a total of 20 blogs. None of them post very much, most post about once a week or less, about 5 of those are blogs by the same person, and quite a few of them are regularly posting in languages I can’t read anyway. It’s not the people that I’m following.

It’s the people who like my posts and I click to see their blogs, the people who I see in tags, the people who I see off of Tumblr and on other sides and are immediately recognizable as “tumblr people” due to the way they speak and write (simple example - ending non-questions with question marks, using smileys/emoticons when it doesn’t actually match the emotion they have in their text in any way).
It’s the “this stupid, mean, or wrong post has thousands of reblogs and notes”. The people who spend 10 seconds to ask you to find the answer for a question for them when they could find it in 5 seconds by asking Google. The fact that I post questions, polls, and so on and get zero answers, and if anyone does reply to my posts it’s very typically a person who has a problem with everything I wrote.
That people assume you’re “normal, healthy, privileged - or at least moreso than me so I can insult you” whenever you write anything they don’t like, and likewise if you write something they don’t like that gives them a pass to insult and cuss at you to hell and back. That you get tons of anonymous everything - whether it’s hate or questions or “be my friend!!” it’s always anonymous. People can’t use any sort of inferring skills to ANY degree of accuracy, people are extremely lazy (fandom = no fanworks being made, just tons of people reposting/stealing art other people have made and making gifs of the same scenes over and over and over).
That now you don’t even get people saying anything when they reblog stuff. 200 reblogs and what, one actual comment, which is probably only a single sentence or a couple words? Likewise you can’t have any kind of deep discussion about anything, I can’t sit and talk and analyse a scene from a show with someone anymore because they think “I don’t want to think about it that much even though I say I absolutely super love this show”.
Then let’s say I add a tumblr person to skype. They immediately want to know my “real name”, my age, blah blah blah as if they’ve never heard a single warning about keeping yourself safe on the internet. Despite being most likely just 2 or so years younger than me, if not the same age. If you don’t tell them this, they get offended and also think “well we’re not friends if we don’t know each other’s names”, as it if doesn’t matter how you act together and only matters how much superficial information you know about each other.
But more likely than that, I try to befriend someone and I get “sorry, I don’t go on any other site than Tumblr - so I can’t give you an account at anywhere else (livejournal, tumblr, email even) that has a better/working PM system”.
It’s the people who write long, completely pointless essays about stuff that’s incredibly obvious to anyone. That watch tv shows and miss extremely major and obvious plot points, so obvious that if they missed it they couldn’t have actually been watching the screen. That have read 2 books or seen 2 shows and think they’re an expert on the subject.
On the art side of things, everyone’s art style (and posing etc) is so similar I often can’t tell artists apart, the same with their writing in both fiction and nonfiction. Everything is extremely shallow, there’s nothing hidden at all in it, there’s nothing uncommon, there’s nothing to make it memorable, there is nothing at all unique about 5.000 people saying the exact same thing in their “about me” and nowadays not saying anything at all and just having a reblog blog, even the reblogs being full of the same stuff mind you (most typically bad quotes from modern books/actors and gifsets of tv shows, along with some photos of scenery).
On the “personality” side of things, there’s so many people doing stuff best summarized as “lol I’m a nerd but I’m not a nerd ew!!”, people who claim to be obsessed or loving such-and-such a topic but don’t actually know about it or post about it, on and on.
People post and reblog a billion times a day but don’t even tag properly on their own blogs, so if you find something you like you can’t possibly find anything else in the same theme. People unfollow you if you post too much but also unfollow you if you post too little, they’re not genuinely following you because they like your posts or they’d follow you no matter how often you posted.
Extremely irritating are the people who think “no you have to be nice to everyone no matter what!!”, yes of course, I’m going to be nice to serial killers, rapists, unnecessarily racist and sexist people, people who steal my money, people who insult me on purpose multiple times… just as annoying are the “simply because you read this post i love u & we r friends!” and “simply by being on tumblr we’re best friends!”. No, I’m not your friend, we would have to actually at least TALK a few times for that, likewise you could very well be any of the “bad people” mentioned above that I shouldn’t have to be nice to. The overall consensus seems to be “love fixes everything!!” fuck off, it certainly does not and it’s not an excuse for bad behaviour either. likewise “omg i’m depressed you can’t pick on me!” i’ve been heavily depressed too, you know, there are some things you can’t blame on depression and many people aren’t even depressed, they’re just listless and a little sad due to not ever using their brains.
the fifty billion “trigger warnings”. i see the sense in them but i don’t see the sense in writing trigger warnings as if you can’t believe anyone in the entire world would ever, for example, draw a comic where a kid gets insulted for being gay. that’s just hiding from reality. sure, warn about it, but a simple “warning: contains gaybashing” is all you need, not “OMGG WARNINGGG!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!”
i also don’t think that swearing = tool that makes anything instantly hilarious.
It really strongly feels like I’m back in America surrounded by Americans. I guess that’s what I get for going onto such a popular site. At the same time, I was on LiveJournal before and it’s completely different, the whole community and mood is different, so it’s not merely the amount of people, it’s how Tumblr has somehow bred and collected these people.

05 April 2014 @ 15:34

i started filling out the application to chef school and…
Higher resolution →

i started filling out the application to chef school and…

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05 April 2014 @ 15:01

drastic changes

i’m sick of tumblr culture so i’m going to delete a lot of my blogs, move things to blogspot or some other place, and unfollow various people. i want to revert my life back to what it was before i ever went on tumblr.

not quite sure what i’m going to do with this blog, it has so many posts that i don’t want to delete it. But I might comb through all the entries and put the text posts in a proper blog, and just link to my image galleries instead of post photos.

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This is a blog for an unemployed, married American, living in Sweden and sometimes learning Swedish. I moved to Sweden on 5th June 2012. Help me by forcing me to use Swedish with you, thanks.

i also know a bit of faroese, icelandic, and japanese but my swedish is more advanced. i'm also into fandom and other things that i most likely won't talk about here. anyway, i'm a bit apathetic about this blog and tumblr in general.

Some common tags: christmas
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