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Plum broth

28 August 2014 @ 12:36

I think this is a good video.

I think the most confusing of it all is when you go to say “I think/believe that…” and then you have to choose between tycker and tror. Since we don’t always use them in exactly the same way, or so it seems.

This is completely unrelated but I heard there’s a new Scandinavian version of some part of the Bible, that translates everything more like “If god had a son, and if he went to earth, then he could have been impaled” or whatever. Instead of stating it as fact, I mean. I already knew that’s how most Nordics view religion in general (“it’s not literal!”) but I thought it was funny when I heard that.

But we should bring back runes! Just imagine if China got a new religion forced on them and then they stopped using Chinese characters to write with. Geeze!! I keep thinking about this whenever I see graffiti for some reason.

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28 August 2014 @ 12:10

*heart beats hard*

i might be getting a job!

a weekend-only job where you put ads in mailboxes. they asked if i can come in to meet with them today, but i said i can’t and so i hope i can come tomorrow or something.

i don’t know how it will go… well, it seems they’re used to english-speakers too. when i had that temporary job in iceland, it was really nice. when you’re out working you have lots of time to just think. you know, i wouldn’t mind counting the people who get on and off the bus forever. i guess i’m easily satisfied with some things. instead of thinking “i want a great job”, i think “i want to live in a great town or country” or “i want to have enough money to eat out twice a month” or something like that. putting up with rude customers or bad bosses, i think growing up in america gives you really good skills with that, that’s one thing i can say. though i still wouldn’t want to work at a grease joint, or with garbage or sewage or puke.

anyway, i hope it goes well… ahhh i’d better practice my pronunciation all day!! ;_; i wish i could work at a fish gutting factory. i saw a mink factory on tv and that looked interesting too, i would try working there if it didn’t mean LIVING there… i’m just a commoner who’ll never get anywhere, no need to pretend i’m anything else…

in other news, i ate “shrimp-crepes” for the first time. it’s shrimp with dill and some sort of sauce (i think it’s just like thickened cream, basically), wrapped up in a pancake. we just bought them frozen but they were good so now i want to make them too. the box claims they’re from france but i’ve seen so-called american stuff that’s definitely not american… (american-inspired, maybe)

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24 August 2014 @ 04:26

swedes kill me


if you can’t read swedish, too bad, because the google translate version is nowhere near as funny

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19 August 2014 @ 06:12


"Professor Christer Kiselman at Uppsala University in Sweden has taught mathematics at a Chinese University in Esperanto"

what, really?! i want to meet this guy… does he still work there i wonder… c-could i go to china and learn in esperanto?

on that note, i’m finding a LOT of swedes who have to do with esperanto. i mean that i’m going on random esperanto websites and i just happen to notice the site was created by a  swede, or the article was written by a swede. i know that it fits in with swedish culture really well, but i’m still surprised.

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17 August 2014 @ 23:58

thank god someone made this image, so far i’ve never been able to remember when normal admissions are open so i always am completely late / early and never can apply on time to courses…
Higher resolution →

thank god someone made this image, so far i’ve never been able to remember when normal admissions are open so i always am completely late / early and never can apply on time to courses…

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16 August 2014 @ 22:08


there was an icelandic documentary about iceland called “andraland” (or that was the swedish title anyway), it was something like seven parts and showed here in sweden so i downloaded it to watch later.

i only looked at a little so far (probably 3 minutes total) but i already saw FOUR of my old “friends” in there, i was rather shocked. so while i want to watch it, i also don’t want to see their faces since it makes me feel angry at them : l

these are the guys who either told lies to get me in trouble / to get people to hate me, the people who believed their lies and stopped talking to me due to it (i imagine), the people who in general constantly pretended like they didn’t have time for me but had time for all their native friends, that kind of stuff. When suddenly on the screen appears the face someone who was involved with all that, it’s really like… out of all the people in the capital, why’d you have to film THEM?

granted, some of them were not bad people at all, a couple were truly too busy for anything including their other friends, etc. but you still get miffed, like “i remember what it was like trying to be friends with you, and here the tv is praising you or whatever”. “why is it that when i was around, you only managed to meet me once a year - i even met friends who lived in other towns more often than you who lived down the street - and here you are, smiling at the camera” “i remember how you managed to get another american a job in a week, but you never helped me out”. all those memories come back…

of course, reykjavík wasn’t good for many reasons. i had a lot, lot of bad luck there. i really wonder how it would have turned out, if only i had better luck. i’ve met people who’ve had/are having a great time there, except none of their friends were actually from the capital, or they didn’t even live in the capital at all, or they were only there for a single year…

in part, i wish i could go back to how it was before i lived in iceland. i could watch tv programmes and study icelandic all day. but now it just reminds me of a ton of shit i don’t want to deal with in my head. if i randomly met an icelander, who was nice and sane, from selfoss or something maybe, that would be great and i could erase all these bad feelings. but it just doesn’t happen, icelanders are so rare you know?

that doesn’t mean i don’t like icelandic, or i don’t like iceland as a whole, or i would never live there again - i still like them. but it’s tied in with other stuff. for example, when i study icelandic, i’m reminded of how it was studying at the university there, which wasn’t particularly fun.

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12 August 2014 @ 01:51

2am chats

me: https://www.flashback.org/t2002958 i'm reading this thread
wife: i'll read it too, my parents keep saying he was gay but i never learnt about it in school
me: lol someone wrote gayday instead gaydar
wife: gayday can replace saturday since we don't wash ourselves [merely] once a week anymore
me: how do you say TLDR in swedish
wife: well you just say tldr in english but you could translate to "för långt, orkar inte läsa" or something [too long, don't have the energy to read]
me: OIL maybe
wife: i would write "för att sammanfatta" or something that's less internet and more normal [in order to summarize]
yäääähh "summan av kardemumman" [the sum of the cardemom]
"orkar inte läsa"
"pallade inte läsa den där jävligt långa tråden" [can't be bothered to read that there damned long thread]
"ids inte läsa, vad handlar den om?" [can't be bothered to read, what's it about?]

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11 August 2014 @ 16:42

fashion update

sweden thinks “rich, american, university-going black person” fashion is really cool. they’re selling it at the grocery store, among other things like hoodies with random american place-names or english on them (like “Montana” and “property of such-and-such’s [whatever the official name for gym class is]). the “american-style clothing stores” sell what’s essentially a fancier-looking version of hiphop clothes.

and yes, i’ve seen people on the street wearing these things (i’ve also heard teenaged swedes trying to fake having an american accent in swedish, and swedes singing in swedish on the radio - but trying to sound like they’re an american with a southern dialect).

pulled pork has been getting super popular here, but not just pork, “pulled chicken” and “pulled beef” etc too (and yes, they always write it in english). we’re also slowly getting more and more Oreo rip-offs, chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows, brownies, cupcakes, “rocky road”-flavoured things (ex… rocky-road brownies) and American-style ice cream (like coffee flavour and Ben&Jerry’s - despite normal Swedish ice cream actually being higher quality).

what’s that word that’s something like “cultural aprobation” and on tumblr means “they’re stealing and thus demeaning other cultures!!” lol can’t i tag this entry with that : PP

speaking of such on the other side - my wife watched “frozen" and "how to train your dragon" and while both of them had nordic runes, they were:

1. only in BOOKS and not carved anywhere (and guess what was the main use of runes?), and
2. were complete gibberish - the runes were real but they didn’t even spell anything in English. By the way, even elementary school kids here learn how to read runes so it’s not just something an adult would notice. (we have runic fridge magnets so we might know them better than most people lol)
3. pretty sure there were horned “viking” hats somewhere and everyone will tell you, vikings didn’t wear those.

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09 August 2014 @ 06:50


i just finally found out why other languages say “a million” for “a thousand” and stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_and_short_scales

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09 August 2014 @ 03:22

body language…

we were watching some youtube videos about how most of obama’s family/self-history that he’s told people throughout his campaign/presidency is a lie (stuff like “he said he was born nine months after this; he was actually born four years after” and “he said she said this; we found her and she said nothing like that ever happened”)

anyway. my wife was commented on how she didn’t like this host guy because of how he was just exaggerating certain stuff, or how he was wording things etc. and i said, “oh, but i can usually tell WHY he’s doing this. like at this point, i know “he’s doing this for attention and views” but at that point he’s sincerely doing it because he wants you to think and remember what he’s saying, and at that other point it’s just because all americans do that and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it.” and she said she couldn’t tell.

but i thought it was really obvious. it’s hard to explain, it’s just a combo of the voice and body language, and sometimes the actual words. then again, i’ve grown up in that culture so of course i’d be better at it.

although i’ve also had many times, where ex. i was apparently the only one who noticed the teacher was disappointed/mad, or that the teacher was thinking “i don’t know what to say to you”. (this was with foreign teachers / in foreign countries - american teachers just start yelling or whatever, or they’re just angry constantly no matter what, so there’s no need to guess). it was that way with my swedish teacher at SFI, and my japanese teacher in the US. you just look at them and maybe it’s a twitch of the face, or maybe it’s how their head is hung in a certain way, and sometimes it’s the voice.

but when i was in junior high i read a lot of books (all that existed in the school library) about psychology and body language. i’ve forgotten most of it now, but maybe i instinctively still pay attention to those points?

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