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Plum broth

02 February 2013 @ 12:49


Here is the font and keyboard layout! Unfortunately I can’t currently make a Windows keyboard layout…

Version 1.5 is here! Please make sure you have the update.

Tags: #runes #old norse #nordic #norden #modern runic
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This is a blog for an unemployed, married American, living in Sweden and sometimes learning Swedish. I moved to Sweden on 5th June 2012. Help me by forcing me to use Swedish with you, thanks.

i also know a bit of faroese, icelandic, and japanese but my swedish is more advanced. i'm also into fandom and other things that i most likely won't talk about here. anyway, i'm a bit apathetic about this blog and tumblr in general.

Some common tags: christmas
culture shock (for cultural notes or differences, even if minor)

photos from finland trips

text posts or stuff not about sweden

plumbroths swedish (my uncorrected, longer Swedish)

SFI, aka Swedish for Immigrants class

food and meals grocery store holidays
question and answer