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Plum broth

20 June 2013 @ 02:11

I wanted to type “is liquorice bad for you” but i got more of an insight into swedes who use the internet than i thought i would…is it fridayam i pregnantis the train on timeare you smarter than a fifth graderis the flight on timeis maundy thursday a holidayam i depressedis walpurgis night a non-working holidayis he interestedis the swede human
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I wanted to type “is liquorice bad for you” but i got more of an insight into swedes who use the internet than i thought i would…

is it friday
am i pregnant
is the train on time
are you smarter than a fifth grader
is the flight on time
is maundy thursday a holiday
am i depressed
is walpurgis night a non-working holiday
is he interested
is the swede human

Tags: #sverige #sweden #svenska #swedish #google search
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This is a blog for an unemployed, married American, living in Sweden and sometimes learning Swedish. I moved to Sweden on 5th June 2012. Help me by forcing me to use Swedish with you, thanks.

i also know a bit of faroese, icelandic, and japanese but my swedish is more advanced. i'm also into fandom and other things that i most likely won't talk about here. anyway, i'm a bit apathetic about this blog and tumblr in general.

Some common tags: christmas
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